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Camino de Santiago Encompassed

10 Days

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If the cheapest option doesn’t seem to cover your needs, you can choose to upgrade from the other options.


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Accommodation for your selected trip may be in share accommodation. We will contact you to confirm your accommodation. Your room selection is for a Shared Room and you will be sharing a room with another person. Your room selection includes a Shared Room and you will be sharing a room.

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A deposit will secure your place and you will be required to pay in full 70 days prior to the date selected.

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Why book with us?

  • Price beat guarantee

    Find the same tour cheaper? Awesome, we’ll beat it!

  • Low deposit

    Can't afford the full cost of the tour today? No problem, confirm your place by just paying a deposit.

  • Ideal for solo travellers

    Travelling alone? Share your experience, make friends and no single supplements!


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